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Johndale started singing at the age of Four. By the age of Eight he already showed an adeptness for understanding musical arrangements. After moving to Las Vegas, within a few years, Johndale studied piano with various teachers in the Las Vegas area. He also started scouting hotels that he could perform at. 


He soon started singing at hotel stage auditions, and soon thereafter met his future musical partner Lonnie Danley. They immediately had a musical spark that just worked. After playing local gigs and corporate events, they set out out on their real goal, which was writing original material. Johndale loves using his talent, to arrange his own songs, as well as Lonnie's and Michael's songs and forge them into a cohesive sound. 


Johndale learned and studied some of the industries best known arrangers in pop music. His natural ability to add appealing elements to the song arrangements within the band, help polish their sonic sheen on all the tracks. As one of two cofounders, the writing talent and pop sensibilities lend a great deal to the unique sound that this band has worked so hard to craft.

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