“Forgotten Door” started just a few years ago, initially as a cover band. It soon became apparent to the two co-founders, Lonnie Danley and Johndale Stanley, that with their musical friendship and along with their newest member and musical partner, Melody Ritz, that something much greater was not only possible, but very likely for this trio of musicians. So after performing and playing many local gigs and corporate shows for a time, they set out in search of what burned closest to their hearts, crafting their own unique sound.

One particular life altering afternoon, when Lonnie played Johndale a song he had written, a different creative outlet was born, and the two started the long journey of crafting their unique sonic signature. It took several years of writing to arrive at the sound they were going after, not to mention the arduous task of finding their remaining band members, who would not only complete the band instrumentally, but much more importantly, be a part of their musical vision.


Forgotten Door has set out on a journey to add something unique to the landscape of their musical culture. They don’t just write songs, they write life emotions, and hang them on a note. They don’t stage shows, they produce musical productions. When they hold a concert, they perform and create a texture and feel in a profound way that connects with people on a very real level. The band has been able to breathe life back into Music through the magic of well-crafted arrangements and great harmonies.

They have the foresight and vision, to fill a musical void that has widened with the passage of time. They have made it their quest to help fans walk back through a doorway, musically speaking, to a time when music nourishes the soul. There has been a certain heart and soul missing from our musical world for a while. Forgotten Door has always had a clear focused driving motivation, to bring that back in there own unique fashion.



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