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Lonnie Learned music theory and started playing trumpet in grade school. Played trumpet in Junior High and High School. While in Junior High, began to learn to play the guitar. He played Rock and Roll as a young adult, and continued to play guitar and played in several bands in the Pacific Northwest including “Tight Squeeze” and “Mojave.” About this time he also began writing songs. 


After moving to Palm Springs and then Ultimately to Las Vegas, he continued to play with different individuals and groups. Not long after moving to Las Vegas, he met Johndale Stanley and along with the addition of Melody Ritz, formed the cover band “Xpressions” They played in and around the Las Vegas area for a time, specializing in Corporate Events. 


About Four years ago, after the addition of a solid rhythm section, Lonnie and co-founder Johndale Stanley formed, Forgotten Door. Finally with all of the right players in place, they set off on a quest to create an original distinct, and desirable sound that would appeal to a large demographic of people.

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