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Melody comes from a rich musical heritage. She started singing since She was 3 years old. Her Father was a very talented country singer. He used to take His young daughter with him, and stand her up on the Bar to sing for everyone. 


She then began to sing in several bands during her young and formative years. Many of them were the Top Bands in their Geographic areas. Even in High School, she joined a band, and they worked Friday's and the weekends to hone their skills. This passion and drive for the craft of singing live and playing in a band, garnered them the honor of becoming one of the best known Bands in the San Jose area, and they were also rated as the “Top” Band in the San Francisco Bay area. 


A few years ago, Melody, after a chance meeting and hearing the vocal talent and style of Johndale Stanley and Lonnie Danley, realized her musical life was about to take a major turn. At their invitation to have her join them, she made the personal decision to become part of this powerful machinery of creation that was set in motion. As part of "Forgotten Door" her vocal abilities were a perfect match for the writing style of these two singer songwriters. Her singing, matched with a fierce loyalty to their vision, has catapulted the abilities of this band to such an extent, that they have been able to continue to find new and fresh creative ways to write melodies and harmonies that, rings true and resonates with their fans when the band sings together. They have created a cohesive sound that sets them apart as a truly great original band.

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