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Michael Rand of the popular music blog recently reviewed the new self-titled EP from

The talents of Las Vegas’ Forgotten Door reflect the hard work its six members have put into refining and developing both their songwriting and performing talents. Their new self-titled EP releaseis an inspired and creative collection with memorable vocals from the band’s multiple singers and Michael Seal’s guitar work featured throughout. The band can trace its origins back to the mid 1990’s when Johndale Stanley and Lonnie Danley first began playing together as a duo. The lineup expanded with the addition of singer Melody Ritz but they soon added another trio to their lineup, including guitarist Michael Seal, bassist Steve Myer, and drummer Chad Sylva. They feature four capable singers and, as a band, demonstrate considerable chemistry born from countless hours playing together. Their EP’s six tracks testify to that aforementioned work and holds up under repeated listens.

Read full review here >>>>

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