Forgotten Door release new EP

Forgotten Door traces their origins back to 1994 when Johndale Stanley and Lonnie Danley first began performing together as a duo. Their ambitions soon expanded and the evolution of the band into its current moniker and lineup is the result of the two-decade-long process with one of their end goals being able to stand on their own material rather than performing as a cover band. Their Self-Titled EP release provides ample evidence that they can and deserve to garner widespread attention for that original material; it definitely shows off an assortment of influences, but they balance that with a focus on making their own voices heard as well. They are successful at every turn. The Last Vegas-


Las Vegas headquartered six piece Forgotten Door’s SELF-TITLED EP certainly pays tribute to iconic acts like Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac, among others, but there’s much more going on here. Their original compositions boast identifiable reference points without lapsing into outright imitation; it is as if Forgotten Door’s songwriting absorbed those lessons and transformed them through their own skills and experiences into something their own. The expanded lineup focuses on presenting an outstanding and varied vocal presentation, but the musicianship is top notch throughout the EP and the band proves themselves consistently able to deliver surprises for listeners. Melody Ritz’s lead vocals

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