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Las Vegas Based “Reimagined Rock” Ensemble"Forgotten Door" Announces the Release of Their

"The band name for this act could be a partial misnomer. A listen to their stellar music, and a look at their memorable image will further convince fans of great music that this band is for real, and is here to stay. One thing is for sure; their songs and stylistic sound will not soon be forgotten."


Las Vegas, NV [October 20, 2019] It's been a while since Sin City has put out an innate band with such unique and dynamic appeal as Forgotten Door. Every member of the group manifests immense skill and talent in their own right. When combined as one unit, the result is a pure sonic blend of great songs, image, and instrumentation; all presented with an unforgettable cyclopean stage presence.

The latest EP from Forgotten Door is an accurate representation of this band's dynamic library of classic songs. Every tune is unique and relatable to listeners of all music genres'. Their ability to crossover from classic rock, A/C and pop, is unprecedented in today's indie music environment. The music is fresh, distinct, and rises above the norm.

Music critics internationally are applauding the EP, and they all agree that the potential for the success of this record is infinite. They are dubbing it in its very own genre as “Reimagined” Rock. Although in a category of their own, if compelled to put their style and sound in a "Sounds Like" category, it would have to be The Eagles, Dire Straits, and Fleetwood Mac. The band's acquired inspiration and influence is varied but strongly leans toward Fleetwood Mac. Other influences include The Doobie Brothers, Chris Isaak, Janis Joplin, Duran Duran, and The Police.


The new EP from Forgotten Door, covers a wide variety of subject matter. From love, inspiration, and true faithfulness, to the empty-nest syndrome, the record reveals the enchanted songwriting ability of the artists.


Songs on the EP, such as Puerto Penesco, is a tribute to lost love where the singer tries to reestablish his relationship with his soulmate. Angie is a song about loyalty, the kind of commitment in a relationship that is everyone's dream. Melody Ritz brings it home with Masquerade, a classic song about the meaning of life, and the search for something better. Enhanced by haunting guitars, synth, and brilliant harmonies, the orchestration in Masquerade is genuinely impeccable.


Consisting of six highly talented musicians and songwriters, the Forgotten Door line up rolls out as follows; Lonnie Danley – lead guitar and vocals, JohndaleStanley – keyboards and vocals, Melody Ritz –lead and harmony vocals, Michael Seal on lead and rhythm guitar – harmonica and mandolin, Steve Meyer – Bass and trombone. The sextet is rounded out by Chad Sylva on drums and piano. Together, they are a dynamic, cohesive unit like no other.


When asked if the songwriting comes from within or from what they observe around them, Johndale Stanley quickly replied, "no doubt, the music, and songwriting comes from within." We further inquired of Johndale, Can the band maintain its artists' integrity while achieving increased commercial success? He replied with clarity, "as far as maintaining our artists' integrity, the answer is clear. We absolutely will maintain our artists' integrity."


With the fantastic new record and a solid line up, Forgotten Door has plans to take on the music world. To support planned European radio play, the group is preparing for an overseas tour. This act is unforgettable in so many ways. It is inconceivable that they have not yet risen to the top of their trade, but there is no question that it's coming soon. It's undeniable that the consistency of excellence this group maintains will persist for a very long time to come. There's no stopping them.


You can keep up to date with the band by visiting their official website or by following them on Social Media and Streaming web portals.


Track Listing Masquerade/Forgotten Door

1. Masquerade 4:25

2. Puerto Penesco 4:18

3. Far Far Away 4:15

4. Angie 3:49

5. Warm 5:03

6. Brand New Day 5:58

©2019 Forgotten Door

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