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Garth Thomas, music critic for The Hollywood Digest commented on the new self-titled EP release by L

Las Vegas six piece Forgotten Door cites a number of retro influences, The Grateful Dead and The Doobie Brothers among them, but sounds thoroughly relevant in 2019. Their self-titled EP release, also called Forgotten Door, is a six song collection highlighting the band’s strengths honed over a long musical journey. Johndale Stanley and Lonnie Danley first began performing together in 1994 and soon added lead singer Melody Ritz to form the band’s songwriting core. They made their initial reputation performing at personal and corporate functions in the Las Vegas area, but their abiding ambition remained to write and perform original material. Guitarist Michael Seal, drummer Chad Sylva, and bass player Steve Meyer round out the lineup and the EP proves their ambitions are far from misguided.

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